A key part of the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) is tracking the use of any pumpouts installed using grant funds. Users are responsible for submitting quarterly pumpout reports for a period of five years after the purchase and installation any pumpout equipment. Tracking and reporting gallons pumped is essential to the success of the grant program showing its positive impact on our waterways.


The Flow Monitor Utility For Pumps

PumpWatcher provides real-time monitoring systems to the marine industry by offering robust turnkey solutions allowing you to remotely monitor, diagnose and proactively maintain your pumpout assets. The PumpWatcher system allows you to remotely login and check the performance of your valuable equipment and provide you with detailed reporting for those in the private or state marine industry.

The Pumpwatcher flow monitor utility is your first line of defense for monitoring pump usage and its health condition. With email and text alerts you can schedule proactive servicing before a failure occurs!

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